After 15 years of investment from our team engineers, audiologists, and developers we are pleased to announce the latest innovation in hearing protection technology: SonX. Using technologies that have been extensively tested in laboratory conditions and in the field, it offers advanced hearing protection, in-noise communication, and live active monitoring of worker safety.



Ensure you workers are always protected


Effective in-noise



Proactive IoT worker hearing protection monitoring 


On Demand Fit-Test

Ensures you are properly fitted at all times, indicating what ear (or both) needs to be re-fitted.
Level-dependent hearing

Adjusts to worker’s environment. SonX' built-in auto protection mode switches from passive or active protection based on ambient noise conditions. You are always ready for unanticipated loud sounds with fast impulse noise clipping.


Improve worker safety

Reduce accidents and lower the risk of errors by misunderstanding with
SonX In-Noise Communication.

Boost teamwork 
Improve teamwork and productivity through sustained communication. On-site training can safely be done in noise. Push to talk 2-way radio communication with team-assignable radio channels and color coding light.


Protect hearing before there’s a problem 

If a worker is not protected, management knows and can correct the problem. Proactive smart hearing protection with wireless data capture. Worker & management settings with Big Data detailed reporting.


Set it and forget it

Focus on the task at hand instead of fussing with your comms device. SonX lightweight design has your comfort in mind. Wear it multiple ways, SonX is compatible with your safety glasses and other personal protection equipment. Big buttons and simple interface make it easy to use the Push to Talk. Tangle-free cables can be fastened close to the body to ensure you can work in tight spaces without worry.

Discreet comfort

Discreet and lightweight earpieces weigh less than 4 gram. High density replaceable Comply foam tips shape to ear canal. Ergonomic adjustable ear hooks are removable and replaceable, secure earpieces and minimizes cable noise.


Natural sound

Feedback from environment improves work output, lowers stress and accidents, and creates a comfortable workplace. SonX offers best-in-class acoustic transparency mode and pass-through communication in low-noise situations. Low profile in-ear earpiece design provides outstanding 360-degree situational awareness. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you are safer because you can now hear warning and other danger signals, from any direction.

No need to shout

Dual microphones (internal & external) with in-ear speakers allow you to speak in normal tones lowering stress and fatigue.


Perfect Protection Pairing for Wearing Respirators, Hoods, Full Facepieces, or Protective Suits

Behind the acoustical seal of SonX earpiece is your in-ear microphone and speakers – clear communication without the need to shout or remove protective gear and risk exposing yourself. Low profile and lightweight, SonX has no external microphones to mess with, and does not interfere with your safety equipment.


Do your training where it counts

Maintain job competencies out of the classroom and on the shop floor. Work in-noise, directly on the very equipment you need instruction.

Less downtime 

Lower the need for simulations, spend less time in the classroom and get real-world competency training when wearing SonX for your on-the-job training. Great for group training or one-on-one. Trainer packages available.


Industry recognized laureates from OSHA & NIOSH

Even though we are young, we have already garnered 1st Prize from NIOSH, OSHA, US Department of Labor ad MSHA in November 2016 "Hear and Now" government initiative to recognize solutions that reduce hearing loss from workplace exposures. 

Winner of ISHN 1st place and Gold in Edison Awards

We've won 2016 Gold in Edison Awards' Voice and Hearing as well as 2017 ISHN Reader's Choice Award for Hearing Protection - Communication Headsets Category.

Sonx amulet
SonX wireframe details
SonX LED lights
earpiece detail
comfortable earpiece and ear hook
Side profile
amulet detail

Active level-dependent protection, high noise communication up to 105 dB(A), earpiece fit test, and active protection monitoring, all rolled into one device: SonX.


Level Dependent Protection

Noise Isolation or Acoustic Transparency Mode

Auto Detect Mode enabled automatically at 85 dB(A)

Manual override Workplace Settings (modes)

SonX Fit Test

In-noise, on-demand, earpiece Fit Test

Pass/fail results for Left and Right ear

Clipping/Impulse Noise Protection

In-ear speaker limited to 85 dB(A) NRR


Comply™ tip (earplug) average NRR above 29dB(A)*

Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR)

PAR is automatically measured during each Fit Test**


Low Noise Environment

Natural face-to-face communication using

Acoustic Transparency mode

Push-to-talk radio for remote communication

High-Noise Environment

Push-to-talk radio through state-of-the-art

de-noising algorithm and in-ear voice pickup

Speakers 1 x speaker / earpiece


2 x microphones / earpiece

Binaural configuration

Situational Awareness Best-in-class, 360°

Push-to-Talk Channels

Four 2-way team-assignable channels

Communication Type & Band

ISM, license-free, region 2 (America)

ISM, license-free, region 1 (Europe) - Fall 2018

Communication Frequency

Short-range radio

902 to 928 MHz

Range Distance

65 feet (20 m) unobstructed, 32 feet (10 m) obstructed***

Directional Communication 360°


Amulet Dimension 2” x 2 ¾” x 2” (5 cm x 7 cm x 5 cm)

Amulet Weight 3.9 ounces (<112 g)

Ingress Protection

IP54 rugged enclosure - certification pending

Rugged tangle-free cables, clip & bolo

Earpiece Design Low profile in-ear earpiece

Earpiece Weight < 5 g

Ear Hooks

Adjustable, removable, reusable, replaceable

Compatible with other PPE


High-density long wear, replaceable foam Comply™ tips

Operation & Storage -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to +60°C)****



Volume up/down, push-to-talk, in-noise adaptation,

team selection, workplace settings

Earpiece Cable 31 inches (79 cm)

User Feedback Audio & visual

Team Assignations 4 team colors

Power Supply

In-field interchangeable, rechargeable battery

Remaining battery level LED indicator

Standard micro-USB charging port on battery pack

Battery Life

20 hours 50% talk-time ***

30 hours non-communication

Over-the-Air Upgrades Requires TeamLink hub

Connectivity On-board Bluetooth 4.1™

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
*Actual NRR depends on communication device design and requires certified testing.

**PAR: ANSI S12.71
***Results may vary. 
****Battery life is negatively affected at lower temperatures.  


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