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High-noise communication, smart safety tracking, and integrated protocols for aviation.

SonX is designed to withstand the daily rigors of heavy industrial production and manufacturing

Safety, communication, and noise reduction are an ongoing concern in aviation. It’s not just pilots who suffer from hearing loss; baggage handlers, mechanics, those working around the aircrafts are exposed to even higher levels of noise. While these conditions might be an everyday reality, they prove tough to ensure the hearing safety of your teams and ultimately on your bottom line.


When it comes to hearing protection and high noise communication, Canadian-made SonX keeps workers as safe as possible while maintaining optimal team performance in the most severe environments. SonX is the result of 15 years of investment and deep market knowledge - a breakthrough for workers. 

You are always protected because you don’t need to remove your protection to hear others.

Microphones are built into the earpiece. Smart technology scrubs and eliminates background noise for a clear sound.


You don’t need to shout, remove your respirator, or head gear to be heard.

Voice is picked up directly within the ear canal - behind the protection of the earpiece.


SonX reinforces good safety protocols and lets you know you have properly inserted your hearing protection.

SonX Fit Test lets you know immediately if you have a good fit. The results ensure a “green light” for everyone: good results mean the team’s PPT communication quality is improved as well. TeamLink tracking proactively supports management with daily worker noise exposure reporting.

Multiple communication options:

4 push-to-talk channels as well as Bluetooth™ radio keeps you and your team in touch.

INDUSTRY - Aviation



Aerospace, airlines, aircraft maintenance, ground crew


  • Workers contend with high noise conditions

  • Exposed to extreme temperatures

  • Foreign object debris (FOD) sensitive work areas   

  • Varying person protection equipment (PPE) requirements

  • Need to clearly communicate, in teams, sometimes from a long distance


  • Earpiece fit testing on demand (SonX Fit Test) gives you the confidence to know your hearing protection is working

  • Communication in noise in up to 105 dB(A)

  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear

  • Meets FOD prevention guidelines

  • Push-to-talk and Bluetooth™ radio connectivity allows worker to work effectively in teams

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As an experienced custom hearing protection provider, the addition of SonX to our repertoire of solutions is a major addition for our clientele.

- Brad Davidson, President, HearSafe Canada


Clear speech in noise no longer a problem

Active hearing protection that adapts when you need it most


In-ear microphone picks up your voice from directly inside your ear canal. De-noising software removes background noise.

Count on connected communication 

Communication in up to 105 dB(A)
Push-to-talk with 4 channels Bluetooth connected radio*
360-degree situational awareness
Intelligent software measures and adapts the amount of protection you need; whether talking to coworkers, in and out of the office, sudden noise, or just the high decibel levels you deal with every day.


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Safeguard with TeamLink

Outside microphones pick up ambient noise to assess your exposure levels. Track your daily dosage and identify noise problem areas. System includes automatic firmware updates.


Plays well with other PPE

Low-profile earpiece sits snugly under protective eyewear and helmet. Respirators don't interfere with communications. Works perfectly with double protection under ear muffs, too.
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Your hearing protection confidently covered

Check anytime if your HPD is properly inserted and your Personal Attenuation Rating by pressing SonX Fit Test. Red light in photo indicates right ear needs refitting: if both green - both ears have a good fit.


Won’t weigh you down

Weighing in at under 4 ounces, with flexible ear hooks, and high-end ear buds, it’s extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Yes please have someone from sales contact me!

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